ARTABAN The Other Wiseman

Samantha Gibbons


Samantha Gibbons began performing at a very early age. Her debut role was as a little girl in Dracula at Southern Utah University. Since then she has had such diverse roles as Thor in The Nerd (a boy) and as the only girl on her 7th grade football team—helmets, pads and all (football practice was followed by ballet lessons). Samantha is currently a student at the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts, where she has appeared in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Julia Caesar and understudied the role of Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie. She loves to sing, dance, and act and plans on performing long into the future.



You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown Ensemble  Idaho Repertory Theatre

High School Musical  Cathy  Idaho Repertory Theatre

The Nerd  Thor  Idaho Repertory Theatre




Julia Caesar  Felicity/Ferrah  Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts

Thoroughly Modern Millie (Millie's Understudy) Lucille Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels  Ensemble/Dancer  Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts




The Sound of Music Gretel  Moscow Community Theatre

The Velveteen Rabbit  Rabbit #2  Moscow Community Theatre

Dracula  Little Girl Southern Utah University




Dance: Modern, Jazz, Ballet

Voice: Russel/West Park combined choirs, Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival, Voice SPA, Private voice training SLS

Other Skills: Track and field, basketball, boys football, piano




Daniel Carter - Composer & Lyricist

Justin Bills - Musical Director

Mike Carson - Accompanist

Michael Jesse Bennett - Narrator

Stoker White - Recording

Soularium Studios

Dan Freed - Artist




Artaban - Dallyn Bayles

Darius - Darrell Babidge

Sariah - Cecily Ellis-Bills

Philo - Justin Bills

Kaveh - Bradley Lever

Raechel - Grace Bjarnson

Tziporah - Samantha Gibbons

Older Tziporah - Gwen Juvenal




Chorus - Children's

Chorus - Men's

Chorus - Women's