ARTABAN The Other Wiseman

Artaban the Other Wiseman Performance Book, Piano/Chorus/Soloists/Narration

THIS BOOK CONTAINS MORE THAN JUST SHEET MUSIC! We designed Artaban, The Other Wiseman Performance Book for the express purpose of providing everything needed for a choral group to perform their own version of the 1 to 1 1/2 hour musical narrative. This book contains the sheet music for all fifteen songs as well as the narration script that are on the CD and downloadable versions of Artaban, The Other Wiseman Narration/Piano/Vocal. We include various performance notes and suggestions, as well.



For those who wish to perform the entire musical narrative (a dramatico-musical) or any of the music from Artaban in a concert venue or include it on an album, or release a recorded version of it anywhere in the broadcast media, please go to, and look up the performance rights and royalties page for details.