ARTABAN The Other Wiseman


The music and lyrics to Artaban, The Other Wiseman are written by well-known composer, Daniel Carter, who has over 300 pieces of sheet music currently in print.


Lyrical and oftentimes haunting melodies and modulations abound in Artaban, making the songs memorable after just one listening.


The songs clearly manifest Dan’s gift for writing compelling, power-packed lyrics that are layered with meaning and ingeniously meshed with the music.


The songs Believe and He Looked at Me are show-stoppers, leaving you exhilarated in one moment and moved to tears in the next, as they declare the power of faith and the divinity of Jesus.


We can all relate to the message in the song All in a Day of My Life, and we can profoundly feel the heartfelt emotion of May the Lord Protect and Bless You.


The song You are In My Heart and In My Eyes voices a theme that runs throughout the story - a deeply meaningful expression that love is an integral part of our soul.


All fourteen musical selections from Artaban will undoubtedly become classics in time and will be performed around the world for decades to come.