ARTABAN The Other Wiseman

Gwen Juvenal

Older Tziporah

At five years of age, Gwen began singing professionally with her twin sister, two older brothers, and father. They called themselves the BJ Clan, and they performed all over Utah and Southern California for several years doing concerts of their own, appearances in county and city fairs, television talent shows, church functions, etc. For various reasons, the single album they recorded still remains on the master tapes, never heard by the public. Nonetheless, the gift for music that Gwen and her siblings honed at such a young age continues to be reflected in their lives now 30 years later.


Like her twin sister, Grace, Gwen took drama and sang in choirs in junior high school, but was less involved in them than Grace in high school. Gwen did win Best Assistant Director of the year in her senior year for her work with Fiddler. During her two years of college at UVCC (now UVU) in Orem, Utah, Gwen majored in communications, and, specifically, in writing. She was editor-in-chief of the new UVCC Literary Magazine for several semesters.


While sharpening her skills in writing and publishing poetry, movie scripts, and song lyrics, and even a song or two (some of which have been used by local recording artists), Gwen has continued expressing herself via singing as a soloist in church and a backup singer on several local albums. As a single mother of four children and, professionally, as a practicing massage and energy therapist for the past several years, Gwen still manages to find time for all the above, as well as for her budding passion for painting.




Daniel Carter - Composer & Lyricist

Justin Bills - Musical Director

Mike Carson - Accompanist

Michael Jesse Bennett - Narrator

Stoker White - Recording

Soularium Studios

Dan Freed - Artist




Artaban - Dallyn Bayles

Darius - Darrell Babidge

Sariah - Cecily Ellis-Bills

Philo - Justin Bills

Kaveh - Bradley Lever

Raechel - Grace Bjarnson

Tziporah - Samantha Gibbons

Older Tziporah - Gwen Juvenal




Chorus - Children's

Chorus - Men's

Chorus - Women's