ARTABAN The Other Wiseman

Grace Bjarnson


At only five years of age, Grace was an integral part of the BJ Clan, a family singing group composed of Grace, her identical twin sister, Gwen, her two older brothers, Thor and Finn, and her father, Eric. For several years, Grace toured all over Utah and Southern California doing concerts and various kinds of gigs (county fairs, church performances, special guest performances, television talent shows, etc.) with the BJ Clan. At that tender age, Grace sang intricate harmony parts, and sometimes soloed, establishing a solid musical foundation upon which she has been building ever since. Even as a little girl, she had a lower voice than Gwen, so she sang the alto parts, while Gwen sang soprano. Today, Grace’s beautiful and mature contralto voice is a fitting result of this early and subsequent vocal training.


In Pleasant Grove Junior High and High School, Grace sang in choirs and in musical theater, where she played several lead roles (including Golde in Fiddler), culminating in her receiving the best actress of the year award her senior year.


While attending Utah Valley University (Orem, Utah), Grace got her Associate’s degree in general studies with emphasis on theater and choir. And during Grace’s two years in Southern Utah University’s Theater Department (bachelors), she continued studying voice as her minor along with her major in theatrical directing. A quick look at her resume reveals a number of plays she either directed or for which she designed the set both during her college years and afterward, professionally. Grace is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the Department of Urban Planning at the University of Utah.


Years ago, Grace collaborated with Einer Bjarnson and Dan Carter to write a musical play based on Henry Van Dyke’s original story (1896) of the other wiseman. To this point, nothing has been published from that effort. This current album, Daniel Carter’s Artaban, the Other Wiseman, - narration, piano, & voice, is the first publication of a number of albums and books to come that are based on that original collaborative work.


Grace is grateful to have the opportunity to sing Raechel’s song of thanksgiving to Artaban on this album. Having co-authored the script for the musical play, Grace’s profound understanding of and appreciation for the story manifests itself in her sensitive and emotional rendition of the number.





Daniel Carter - Composer & Lyricist

Justin Bills - Musical Director

Mike Carson - Accompanist

Michael Jesse Bennett - Narrator

Stoker White - Recording

Soularium Studios

Dan Freed - Artist




Artaban - Dallyn Bayles

Darius - Darrell Babidge

Sariah - Cecily Ellis-Bills

Philo - Justin Bills

Kaveh - Bradley Lever

Raechel - Grace Bjarnson

Tziporah - Samantha Gibbons

Older Tziporah - Gwen Juvenal




Chorus - Children's

Chorus - Men's

Chorus - Women's