ARTABAN The Other Wiseman


We are so appreciative of the talented men, women, and children, totaling over seventy people, who accepted the invitation to participate in this first The Other Wiseman CD project. We gratefully acknowledge the hours they chose to spend away from their families and personal projects to practice the music. Indeed, theirs was a labor of love!


But their dedication is really no mystery. Meeting with them every practice, we heard the same sentiments expressed time and time again: “I just love this music!” “I’m excited to be able to sing such beautiful, inspiring music!” "Any time I can sing under Justin's lead, I'll jump at the opportunity!" “The lyrics express such ennobling, enlightening concepts!” "Mike [Carson] is simply the best accompanist around!" “The messages of the music, lyrics, and story line inspire me!” “I love singing!” “It’s exciting for me to have this opportunity to participate in creating such a beautiful gift for people!”


We also thank Kay Asay, Director of the Utah Children’s Choir, for her willingness to prepare and direct a small portion of her huge choir to sing the first couple of lines of “All in a Day of My Life.” Thank you, Kay, for your efforts on behalf of The Other Wiseman CD project!


And, finally, we take a moment to acknowledge our depth of gratitude to Justin Bills, who directed so brilliantly the men’s and women’s choruses. Chorus members were inspired by Justin’s musical direction to reach deeper and give more, to listen to each other and to polish their nuggets of singing talent they possessed. Thank you, Justin!


The chorus members would love for you to take a moment to look through their pictures and read through their names. And, if you feel so inclined, click the “like” button below. And don’t be shy about sharing this page with a friend.




Daniel Carter - Composer & Lyricist

Justin Bills - Musical Director

Mike Carson - Accompanist

Michael Jesse Bennett - Narrator

Stoker White - Recording

Soularium Studios

Dan Freed - Artist




Artaban - Dallyn Bayles

Darius - Darrell Babidge

Sariah - Cecily Ellis-Bills

Philo - Justin Bills

Kaveh - Bradley Lever

Raechel - Grace Bjarnson

Tziporah - Samantha Gibbons

Older Tziporah - Gwen Juvenal




Chorus - Children's

Chorus - Men's

Chorus - Women's