ARTABAN The Other Wiseman



A small group of the Utah Children’s Choir visited Soularium Recording Studios in the middle of November, 2011 to record the first several lines of the song “All in a Day of My Life” from Artaban, The Other Wiseman.


Here is some background on the Utah Children's Choir:


"The Utah Children's Choir is based in Pleasant Grove, Utah and now is partially sponsored by Pleasant Grove City, but it draws young singers from several communities in Utah Valley. Lately, the Choir has performed at least once a year in the refurbished American Fork City Hall, which is a pleasant venue for recitals and small concerts.


There are actually two choirs, the Concert Choir and a training choir called the UCC Choristers. Some of the Choristers are as young as eight years old; some members of the Concert Choir are in high school. Boys are welcome in the choir, too, until their voices change. I don't recall ever seeing the choir without some boys in it.


Kay Asay has been UCC's director for all of its 25 years.


The choir staff includes a superb vocal coach, Marilyn Rudolph, as well as assistant director, Allison Unsworth, a business manager, and an active parents organization."


Excerpt from David Rodeback’s Blog, Sunday, May 03, 2009 entry (






Utah Children's Choir directed by Kay Asay



Bridget Anderson, Maegan Anderson, Hannah Berdan, Anika Butler, Camryn Clement, Christopher Davis, Rebecca Erickson, Krista Johannesmeyer, Alyssa Miller, Brionna Perry, Mackenzie Prescott, Miriam Wagstaff




Daniel Carter - Composer & Lyricist

Justin Bills - Musical Director

Mike Carson - Accompanist

Michael Jesse Bennett - Narrator

Stoker White - Recording

Soularium Studios

Dan Freed - Artist




Artaban - Dallyn Bayles

Darius - Darrell Babidge

Sariah - Cecily Ellis-Bills

Philo - Justin Bills

Kaveh - Bradley Lever

Raechel - Grace Bjarnson

Tziporah - Samantha Gibbons

Older Tziporah - Gwen Juvenal




Chorus - Children's

Chorus - Men's

Chorus - Women's