ARTABAN The Other Wiseman


The story of Artaban, The Other Wiseman, as narrated by Jesse Bennett on the CD and as printed in the Performance Book, is based on Daniel Carter’s epic musical play by the same name (yet to be released), which was inspired by Henry Van Dyke's original story, The Other Wiseman (1896).


The story presents three major and pivotal confrontations between the magus, Artaban, the principal protagonist, and Rashne, his former close friend and fellow magus, but now formidable antagonist. Each confrontation, although painful, offers Artaban rich opportunity to learn and grow as he goes about seeking the Messiah and helping others along the way. More ...


The music and lyrics to Artaban, The Other Wiseman are written by well-known composer, Daniel Carter, who has over 300 pieces of sheet music currently in print.


Lyrical and oftentimes haunting melodies and modulations abound in Artaban, making the songs memorable after just one listening. More ...


Daniel Freed was commissioned to create the art for the Other Wiseman project.


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